New York Lottery

Holiday Magic


During the holidays, New York Lottery offers holiday themed scratch-off games intended to be given as small tokens of cheer to acquaintances, coworkers, doormen, etc.—not necessarily as major gifts for one's usual recipients. The Lottery wanted a campaign that would encourage this behavior.

We decided to create a simple headline poster campaign, but knew that the typography had to be something really special. Having a love of large, colorful Christmas bulb strands, we decided to build the headlines entirely from such lights.

To do this, we hired designer/typographer Sean Freeman, who painstakingly crafted each character using strands of Christmas bulbs, photographed each, and arranged the photographs into elegant headlines.

The posters ran all over New York City, spreading holiday cheer and tears of joy to all who saw them.




Associate Creative Director (Art)
Tony Bartolucci

Associate Creative Director (Copy)
Colin Lapin

DDB New York

Chief Creative Officer
Matt Eastwood

Executive Creative Director
Menno Kluin

Group Creative Director
Rich Sharp

Group Creative Director
Mike Sullivan

Sean Freeman

Juan Carlos Pagan