Digital Method Productions



Digital Method is a crew of expert techs who support digital photo shoots, managing everything from renting the cameras to storing the images, so the photographer can focus purely on the photography and the client.

They had mentioned to me that they liked the shape and color of a digital sensor (the greenish blue chip that captures digital images). They suggested the logo could be as simple as a rectangle of that color. I liked the notion, but wasn't sure that a rectangle was enough to create a memorable identity. I was, however, interested in the idea that one sensor could theoretically capture infinite images. I wanted to refer to this visually, and decided to make an abstract reference to the Droste effect, which is the effect produced by a picture appearing within itself recursively. (My favorite example of this is the cover of Pink Floyd's Ummagumma). I created this abstraction in the proportions and color of a digital sensor.




Creative Director
Tony Bartolucci

Tony Bartolucci