Ad Council – Bullying Prevention

Print and Outdoor Campaign


Ad Council came to us wanting to confront bullying from a new angle. They brought a key insight to the table: until now, bullying prevention PSAs have generally spoken directly to children. They thought it was time we create a new type of campaign and start speaking directly to parents. They, in turn, should take responsibility for educating their kids about bullying.

Our answer was to bully parents. We created a series of print, outdoor, and guerrilla ads with bold type shouting offensive phrases. The insults would get parent's attention, then a small sign-off at the bottom of the ad would convey a more positive message about educating kids about bullying.

The ads also drove to a section of the Ad Council website where parents could get tips on how to start the conversation.




Associate Creative Director (Art)
Tony Bartolucci

Associate Creative Director (Copy)
Colin Lapin

DDB New York

Chief Creative Officer
Matt Eastwood

Executive Creative Director
Joe Cianciotto

Hunter Warren