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A few years back Snapple changed up their ingredients, most notably making the switch from high fructose corn syrup to real sugar. They launched their "Better Stuff" campaign to let tea drinkers know that Snapple was now better than ever.

One task was to help design's "Better Stuff" page, which would feature the new ingredients and incorporate some of the characters and visual elements from the new campaign. We decided to repurpose the panda from the recent spots and position him as the "Tea Advisor." The page was animated and showed the Advisor personally checking each batch of tea leaves and stamping them with his approval. Users who stayed on the page for a while encountered plenty of Easter eggs.

Another task was to design the online experience for the Pursuit of Bestness, which was a contest allowing Snapple fans to collect virtual "caps" and trade them in for prizes (and gallons of free Snapple).


Tony Bartolucci

Anchalee Chambundabongse


Executive Creative Director
Mike Monello

Creative Director
Sean Ganann

Art Director
Yvonne Cheng

Dave Ramirez

Myke Gerstein