Crush Soda



Crush Soda wanted to sell their fruity delicious products to a younger, more city-based crowd. To do so, they needed a new website that would speak directly to a teenage audience and skew toward an urban demographic.

We, as creatives in New York, were huge fans of urban graffiti (and still are). So, naturally, our solution was to create a website whose individual pages were each part of an enormous graffiti wall. By using arrow keys or scrolling, users could pan around on the giant wall to see each individual section and learn about all the various flavors. Each flavor had its own graffiti mascot, or “Spirit Fruit,” each of whom had a slightly different style and tone.

All of these characters came together on the final, astrologically-themed page. Here, by entering his or her birthday, each visitor could find out which Spirit Fruit belonged to them, and then find out their daily “Flavorscope,” which was Crush Soda's version of a horoscope.


Tony Bartolucci

Tony Bartolucci


Executive Creative Director
Mike Monello

Creative Director
Sean Ganann

Art Director
Yvonne Cheng

Dave Ramirez

Myke Gerstein