Support Our Ribbons



Support Our Ribbons is a website that enables you to create custom magnets of all shapes and sizes, and then order them online. The company started as a joke in Boston in early 2005. At the beginning, the company offered four pre-made ribbon magnets donning sarcastic slogans that poked fun at the "support" ribbon craze in the early 2000s. A year later they started offering custom magnets of various shapes and sizes.

But the site structure remained the same. Now, with a significant number of new offerings, and with more custom orders coming in, it was time to rethink the user experience, particularly the magnet creation process. We went back to the drawing board and designed a completely new site structure from the bottom up, catering more specifically to custom magnet creation.




Creative Director
Tony Bartolucci

Tony Bartolucci

UX Director
Jake Lavenberg