New York Lottery

Win For Life Nana


New York Lottery's Win For Life scratch off games keep paying winners for as long as they live. So, the longer you live the more you get paid.

To highlight this idea we created a digital campaign starring Nana, an overprotective grandmother archetype determined to keep you safe so you'd live a long time and keep making money.

After liking her page on Facebook, you’d see a short video in which Nana asked to ‘take a look at your profile.’ Then the overprotection would begin. You'd see a personalized page full of cautionary and nurturing quips from Nana based on your recent Facebook activity that she found unsafe. For the next few weeks you’d receive messages from Nana, and safety tip videos.


Associate Creative Director
Tony Bartolucci

Art Director
Michael Kushner

Luke Carmody, Daniel Paredes

DDB New York

Chief Creative Officer
Matt Eastwood

Executive Creative Director
Joe Cianciotto

Group Creative Director
Rich Sharp

Group Creative Director
Mike Sullivan

Jonathan Klein

Head of Production
Ed Zazzera

Executive Producer
Heidi Baltzer

Production Company
O Positive